How to sleep with a side sleeper pillow?

Special structure or beautiful view?

The special structure of the MySeven side sleeper cushion

In addition to the cotton outer shell, the polyester fleece underneath and the cotton inlet, various fillings are an important factor for well-being. It is precisely the filling materials that determine how well the health cushion can be used for its purpose. Breathability and durability also play a major role.

Thera rhomb fillings

This high-quality, breathable and point-elastic filling material is located in the headboard and consists of EPP beads (expanded polypropylene) combined with rhombic cut polyurethane foam. This gives this cushioning area high point-elastic adaptability.

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EPS bead fillings

The longer, lower part of the side sleeper cushion is filled with EPS beads (expanded polystyrene), which are responsible for good pressure distribution. The sand-fine microbeads are only 0.5 to 1.5 mm in size. The waterproof and mold-resistant material ensures good heat and moisture transport. Due to the properties of the fine beads, the Enjoyable House MySeven side sleeper pillow feels pleasantly warm and soft. As soon as you change your lying position or move slightly in your sleep, the beads slide silently and fluently past each other. This results in pleasant, unique sleeping comfort for all side sleepers. The fillings only bring advantages for use as breastfeeding cushions. Unlike many other materials, the fillings require little care and do not absorb odors. Lifetime is significantly longer compared to natural fillings. EPP and EPS are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Easy hygiene cover

The 100% cotton cover is exceptionally soft and feels soft on the skin. Its fine gloss is caused by the particularly color-fast reactive printing and the mercerization of the fibers. The covers for the side sleeper pillow each contain a zipper on the upper and lower cushion so that an individual adjustment of the filling is possible.


Mercerizing is a high-quality finishing process that restores the cotton to the original gloss lost during drying and its elasticity. In this process, the cotton fibers receive treatment with cold soda liquor. Due to the tension generated, the fibers are restructured and almost reshaped back into their original circular cross-section. This gives the cotton an even softer, fuller grip and a higher tear resistance.

Magnificent colors and patterns

The Enjoyable House side sleeper pillow is available in different colors. Whether with flower vines, Paisley patterns or plain colors in blackberry, lime, cloud white, smoked blue or cappuccino – all colors and designs ensure a friendly atmosphere.

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Fluffy polyester fleece and cotton inlet

To enhance the pleasant effect, the pillow is equipped with fluffy, breathable and tear-resistant polyester fleece. In addition, the MySeven on side sleeper cushion has a cotton inlet so that the fillings do not slip.

Compliance with the strictest quality criteria

For Enjoyable House, the focus is on 100% product safety of the upholstery and filling materials. Therefore, all Enjoyable House MySeven side sleeper cushions are subject to the TOKSMAXX® criteria. This means that no volatile evaporations of polystyrene are measurable. Likewise, all materials related to formaldehyde, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals are safe.