Much Quickly Simple 8-Step Tumblr Backup Process for Windows (Very Good)

This is a crosspost from Tumblr, partially for the sake of spread but also for the sake of testing.

So there’s more than one install process post out there for the excellent tumblr-utils backup tool, the best backup tool I’ve found. But after working with many people over the past week or so to back up many blogs, I’ve got a process hammered out. This is as streamlined as I can get it, and even works for the trickier task downloading the videos on your blog.

  1. Download the Python 2.7 installer (Windows x86-64 MSI installer) and run it:

  2. On the “Customize Python” step, click the red X by “Add python.exe to Path” and select “Will be installed on local hard drive” image

  3. Go here and save the page as “” (make sure the .py is on the end!) image

  4. Move the file to C:\Python27\Scripts image

  5. Search your start menu for “command” and open the command prompt image

  6. Type pip install youtube-dl and hit enter (this is only necessary if you want to download the videos)

  7. Type your command and hit enter. Choose from one of these shiny options: -jk BLOGNAME (downloads the posts, links to the pictures on tumblr rather than downloading them; good for saving space, not good if your pics are what you’re worried about losing) -lj BLOGNAME (back up your likes, instead of your blog) --save-video --save-audio --tag-index -j BLOGNAME (back up ALL THE THINGS, and also create a separate page that lists all your tags and links to posts that use them)

  8. Profit???


Last I checked, the most current release of this script has some bugs. I have been working (somewhat successfully) on finding ways to patch them, but don’t have a good way to distribute the patched versions yet.

Before you ask: as far as I know, there is no good tool out there to back up your drafts. The python tool can probably be used for that, but it is slightly beyond my knowledge to implement. Blogs which are locked to the dashboard also won’t work with this, but they do with TumblThree... though its download format is not, imo, as nice.