what is greenfediverse?

instances that run on renewable energy

@greenfediverse@chaos.social is an open transparence project that wants to empower the fediverse to run on renewable energy!

we created an open list where everyone can participate in. admins who want to make it public that their instances (physical-servers) run on renewable energy can sign into this list. new or old fediverse-users can decide by themselves whether they want to use a green instance or not.

the list can be found here:


to proof that servers are using renewable energy, you can fill out the given categories. you can also take a look at our "step by step" article. this way makes it much easier, and also transparent for everyone.


we decided not to hand out certificates, any kind of badges or want to judge over someone who is not capable to use renewable energy. we also don't want to "green-blame" instances. our main goal is to increase transparency and awareness on the issue of a sustainable digital infrastructure that is build on renewable energy.

free data, open knowledge and towards a sustainable planet! 💚🌱