Review mailbox dot org email provider

One of the email providers in many email-privacy lists is Mailbox dot org Their brand name is not very catchy, but their website looks good, and they have a 30 day trial for new users. Signing up via Tor went fine, and the same day I decided to go for their basic plan at 1 Euro per month. You need to add credit first, and then the paid plan is activated. Their web portal interface looks good. You can easily customize the home page after logging in by dragging or removing widgets. It includes email, but also document and spreadsheet and presentation editing, a calendar, tasks and a "drive". For the drive storage you get 100 Mb, for the email the storage limit is 2 Gb. Since I will only be using email, I'll stick to that in this review. The email part in the portal interface is excellent, a pleasure to use. Features right mouse click menu, and feels intuitive. Next I was eager to try IMAP with Thunderbird and Mailpile email clients. First I tried with Mailpile, and I was surprised that auto configuring didn't work. Then I searched for the IMAP and SMTP settings, and only after some minutes I found a page in their help pages. Much later I was playing around and noticed "Connect devices" option in the portal which also has the IMAP and SMTP settings shown. After successfully testing some reading and writing emails in Mailpile, I tried Thunderbird. There auto configuring proceeded fine, except that the settings were not the same as the ones I found in their help and their "Connect devices" part. A bit weird. I corrected the settings, and things worked fine with Thunderbird.

Conclusion :

  • For 1 Euro per month you get a decent email account
  • Their portal site (Using Open-Xchange software) is great for email
  • Their help pages could be a bit better organized