I'm Apparently Not Communicating My Issue

That or some people are deliberately trying not to understand my issue. Can you imagine if I had to try to get through people like this, when publishing Uploaded Fairy? The issue I'm trying to convey, is that my books often attract very different audiences, because of the structure of the work itself: the first half attract those into stuff like "modern Oliver", and the second half into Light Novels like [i]Sword Art Online[/i].

Unless you've been through this experience, please stop lecturing me about the fact that I'm worried that my work is cross-genre. Yelling at people does not solve the problem. It only delays how soon they're willing to solve this problem.

I don't market my work, because I'm not sure who to market my work to: as in, I'm in in the marketing stage with Uploaded Fairy and Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun. Lets talk about that. I already finished editing this books, and I'm ready to move onto other topics.

So please stop fucking with me, but giving me answers that don't really add to the discussion.