Bugs on the Radio

(Original post on October 3, 2018)

Most of my time recently has been consumed with getting my dissertation done, but I’ve had a few side projects as well. One of those side projects has been volunteering with NATURE Lab at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. This Fall we’re putting on a workshop every Tuesday that addresses some aspect of citizen science and/or urban sustainability.

The Sanctuary operates a community radio station, and they invited me on yesterday to talk about both my PhD work and the work I’ve done with insects as part of an approach to waste reclamation. The recording is here.

Rather than trying to blog about my side projects, I’ve been using my Instagram account to record and publicize them. I find that it seems to be the best way to quickly get the content onto the Web and get people to view and engage with it. You can see my Instagram account here.

That’s all for now!