A Quick Update (Instagram)

(Original post on September 29, 2017)

I haven’t posted here for a while, but I’ve been working on quite a few things. First and foremost is my doctoral research, which has been taking the lion’s share of my time. This has included writing my dissertation proposal, helping my advisors with a grant, submitting a conference abstract, and doing quite a bit of work with bacteria cultivation at the lab. More on that later; I think it deserves its own post.

Secondly, I’m continuing to do urban farming, foraging, and permaculture experiments on the side. These have been so varied and numerous that I decided it would be too time-consuming to blog about them all. So instead, I created a dedicated Instagram account for them. Although not a big fan of social media in general, I find that it’s really handy to be able to snap a quick picture as I’m working and immediately make it available on the Web. This has the added benefit of getting my urban farming content out to a larger audience than I think would be possible with this blog. So far I’ve had more than one of my friend approach me in person to tell me how much they enjoy the Instagram, and some have apparently even been inspired to do their own experiments. So I guess I made the right choice! For now on, most of the urban farming stuff will probably go there. Every once in a while I might post some more detailed writing or analysis about it, which will probably still go here.