What is this blog?

You started *another* blog?

Yes, I started another blog. Yes, you should follow it.

This blog is for my thoughts. I have thoughts about a lot of things, such as FLOSS, monetization, politics, and many more. While some of these are appropriate for normal social-media posts, posting a "toot storm" is annoying to my followers, and besides, it sounds disgusting.

A few topics I intend to cover in the near future:

  • Why advertising is a cancer to society
  • How should we monetize content on the internet?
  • Why PornHub is a terrible alternative to YouTube
  • Why Bitchute will fail
  • Why laziness isn't a bad thing, and why it's looked at as such

If these sound interesting to you, you might want to follow me.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, please feel free to comment with ideas, criticism, etc. I've noticed most Plume posts I make don't get many comments, and this is sad, as discussing blog posts is probably the most fun part about them for me.