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How To Assemble A ChatBot

Google Penguin: The Algorithm Aims to Fight Back Web Spamming SEO Practices

Google stands firm to fight back black hat SEO practices. It vows not to let its search results spammed with egregious and crap contents. To reach its mission, Google has introduced the Penguin algorithm.

Story Telling is not Dead

Why I Find Youtube Left A Waste Of Time

Or why simply being all talk does not help our cause.

CR is not all beer

PLUG July Distro Release Mania

Red Hat Enterprise and Debian

Wpełzam pod kamień

Rzeczy, których nie potrzebuję


I'm leaving the Fediverse

Schiavitù 2.0 e come evitarla

Una guida pratica per cyborg di Aral Balkan


Uśmiechnięta maska

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