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Read: Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones by Torrey Peters

Nobody can make their own hormones; storebought is fine

By catteonbookMarch 21, 2019Cat on Book

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Ascension, Animorphs, My Solo Exchange Diary

By catteonbookMarch 21, 2019Cat on Book

Apocalypse Hacking 103

Abracademago !

By FXGhostMarch 21, 2019Jeux : Thèmes

Apocalypse Hacking 102

où l'on parle de fronts intermédiaires

By FXGhostMarch 21, 2019Jeux : Thèmes

[Alors on regarde ?] Doom Patrol

By pixtoleroMarch 21, 2019Pixtolero

El protocolo FTP no sabe de zonas horarias

By riccoMarch 20, 2019ricco

Writing Issues Unique To Centralized Social Media

By LWFlouisaMarch 20, 2019General Blogging

Serious Fun: Flight2fart Converter

Why I want to bring odious and polluting global aviation down to Earth

By QuoiQueMarch 19, 2019Serious Fun

The actors’ play beyond performance

...and why it’s rare to spot them crumble in the act

By mareklachMarch 19, 2019Musing Specimen

That Time I Got Shot With A Guillotine Gun, And Lived To Tell The Tale is currently on WebNovel

By LWFlouisaMarch 19, 2019Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun

Finding THE right digital medium for reading manga

I've been exploring options how to get into japanese comics. What tablets and apps are available? How much does it cost to get a good digital manga experience?

By wraptileMarch 19, 2019self

Real Life Heroes

By Trash AggregateMarch 18, 2019Digital Trash