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Main instance - /// I like writing, both fiction and about my life. I really want fediverse blogging to go well.

Federation Bot

Hello, I am official semi bot.

Follow me if you want to have some updates on the view of the fediverse from here ( I only post unlisted ).

I also randomly boost one of my followers toot every hour !

If you don't feel confortable with me following you, tell me: unfollow and I'll do it :)

If you want me to follow you, just tell me follow !

If you want automatic follow for new users on your instance and you are an instance admin, contact me !

Other commands are private :)


A Literal Nipper Plant

i still don’t know what to put in my bio. read my pinned toots i guess?

i’m an autistic nb lesbian and i’m just here to have a good time. talk to me about games!


he/him Improviser, actor, musician, artist, human and twitter escapee. I love poking around the dusty corners of the internet.

The :milly: nth Final Fantasy

25, she/her. Ace spectrum. I like vidja games.

I rant about work, gaming, writing often.

My favorite Pokemon is Zubat

My OC is named Kestrel

My Avatar was drawn my my college roommate

Sandrockcstm, He who codes the things

I'm a coder, writer, thinker, and advocate.



I have moved to :)