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Announcements and communication related to the Funkwhale project.


Katherine M. Moss

Service Desk representative. Technologist, musician, and lover of all things otherworldly. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. Find me either playing with my network, playing the piano, hanging with my friends in the city, or talking to faeries.


Libriste libertaire

I am a male in his late 20', i live in latin america and sometimes have problems with my english.


Also known as SndChaser, I run CerebralAudio netlabel, the CerebralRift and CerebralMix podcast. All of these projects are currently on hiatus.

Qasim Ali

Photowalks, D&D, Nederlands taal leren

SF Bay Area

Noureddine HADDAG


コミュニズム アナキズム ニヒリズム


i don't understand fediverse but now i'm fine here bc my safespace is freedom of speech :cirnoWhen: