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I love #Weblate <3
I translate Mastodon, OSMAnd, F-Droid, TorProject, YunoHost, SearX, OpenVPN, NextCloud, RoundCube, Openkeychain, NewPipe and…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yo volví loca a Barbijaputa

(Jeune || vieux) con en devenir errant dans cet univert (et pt'être d'autres ...)

Oliver Shykles

Queer politics, left politcs, and lots of techno! Campaigner with Spinwatch, and Queer Friends of Chelsea Manning.

A guide to ethical privacy-conscious apps and sites. It's aimed at non-technical people who want easy-to-use alternatives:


Open-source developer, mostly working on smaller projects.

Sascha Foerster

Sascha Foerster ist beruflich am liebsten :bonndigital: @Bonndigital-Geschäftsführer, Social-Media-Berater und @BarcampBonn-Moderator.

Thomas B. Rücker

I love open source. Information Security is important to me. I work on Icecast in my free time.


subgenius fortean voluntary dude running free software, listening to idm, making art occasionally and living the mac n' cheez life in fema region v.