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One of the Plume developers.

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Plume dev

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an explorer from the planet tumblr

A kind (of) writer @mareklach@mastodon.xyz

Fervently unrealistic, inept in practicality.
An avid #reader, & flustered #writer.

Working on localisations.

Sporadically active on @mareklach

They call me Rick 😎 @rick_777@cybre.space

Software dev by day, #scifi author by night.

Currently #amwriting my first novel.

Please msg when following. Also, if you boost NSFW content that doesn't have a CW, I'll block you.

#nospam #nobot

Jade @jade@catboy.cafe

probably more neg and bad jokes than lewd 🤷

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J'suis plus très sûr
de mes valeurs
mais bon j'avoue, j'assure
comme un tueur

"élément bordélique et gauchiste" selon Sophia Chikirou.

économie - étudiant - militant PTB/PVDA et Comac
Matrix: Guess who @gauchiste.club

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Hello, I am mastodon.host official semi bot.

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